First Book Project

While I have a few projects I completed that I am excited about there are two I want to share here — both related.  I served as co-editor of a book and special edition of a journal on the topic of international perspectives on equity and inclusion in higher education.  I think it very useful to look beyond national perspectives to share the potential of the unique solutions employed all over the world to affect to facilitate equity in higher education.

Book project:

The first project is a book series that I am co-editing for Emerald Publishing, Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education: International Perspectives.

We invited diverse individuals from across the globe who represent various facets of higher education including (but not limited to) faculty, academic, and student affairs/services professionals, and administrators to join us in creating this unique resource.We sought colleagues from all disciplines to provide a scholarly, research-based narrative representing their national perspective (explained below) AND educational leaders across higher education to share research-based strategies for improving practice. We received over 120 chapter proposal submissions and were able to accept 74 which will be published across four volumes as follows:

  1. International Perspectives in Higher Education: Strategies for Facilitating Inclusive Campuses – April 2019
  2. International Perspectives in Higher Education: Strategies for Fostering Inclusive Classrooms – January 2019
  3. International Perspectives in Higher Education: Perspectives on Diverse Student Identities – September 2018
  4. International Perspectives in Higher Education: Contexts for Diversity and Gender Identities – June 2018

These volumes of the Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning book series will illuminate international perspectives on equity and inclusion-related challenges experienced by students, faculty, and leaders globally and it will present research-based strategies for improving practice in these areas.  Our hope is that these books provide educators with an understanding of challenges associated with equity and inclusion at higher education institutions globally and will provide evidence-based strategies for addressing the challenges associated with implementing equity and inclusion. Higher education institutions continue to address an increasingly complex set of issues regarding equity, diversity and inclusion; many face increasing pressure to find innovative solutions for eliminating access and participation barriers and mitigating practices that impede access, persistence, retention, and graduation rates in higher education. Using comparative international perspectives, these books will look at how different nations and cultures experience power, privilege, identity, and inclusion with respect to participation in tertiary education.  They will also explore and highlight those historically marginalized groups who still struggle for equality, equity, and social justice in higher education. Relevant issues at the theory, policy, and practice levels will be explored with the goal of uncovering strategies for transforming educational institutions to create more inclusive organizational cultures at all levels. These cross-disciplinary volumes will examine historical, sociological, political, educational, economic, and legal factors, among others, to address the vast issues associated with inclusion and diversity in higher education.

Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education, Special Editio

International Perspectives on Diversity and Inclusion

I was invited to serve as co-editor for a special edition of the Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education.

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