My research interests include assessment in higher education, use of technology for advancing student learning and meeting student needs, and international perspectives on equity and inclusion in higher education.  I value including students in the research process to provide them with research experience and enhance my ability to mentor them. I strive to conduct research that has direct implications on practice, uses the lens of equity and inclusion, and that can inform my teaching inside the classroom.


Refereed Publications

Hoffman, J. & Preus, J. (2016). Preparing for the use of tomorrow’s technology: Perspectives from Chief Information Officers. Journal of Higher Education Management, 31(1). 

Hoffman, J. (2015). Perceptions of Assessment Among New Student Affairs Professionals. Research & Practice in Assessment, 10, 46-62. Retrieved from


Book (in progress)

P. Blessinger, & J. Hoffman, (Eds.). (~May, 2018). Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education: International Perspectives.  Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing.

Book Chapter

Hoffman, J. & Leafstedt, J. (December, 2014). Understanding the use of technology for facilitating inquiry-based learning. In J.M. Carfora and P. Blessinger (Eds.), Inquiry-Based Learning: A Conceptual and Practical Resource for Educators. Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing.


Non-Refereed Publications

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Hoffman, J. (2014, Winter). Crossing the Divide: A Journey of Self-Exploration through Motherhood. NASPA Region VI Newsletter, pp. 13. 


Research in Progress

Hoffman., J, Hannans, J.  Teaching outside the box: Student perceptions of open course technology and digital tools

Hoffman., J, Perez. M.  Connecting internationally: Student perspectives of a collaborative online module among students enrolled at a Japanese and American university


Research In Design

Hoffman., J.  Perceptions of assessment among new student affairs professionals: Five years later


Editorial Duties

Editorial board member, Journal of Global Education and Research, 2017 – present