Work Samples


High Impact Teaching Practices for the Classroom, Activity Guide

Download (PDF, 444KB)

Syllabus, Institutional Effectiveness and Program Assessment

Download (PDF, 230KB)

Higher Education Fieldwork Competency Assessment

Download (PDF, 174KB)

Higher Education Fieldwork Professional Preparation Plan

Download (PDF, 42KB)

Trailer for online module in Group Communication Course

Click here to learn about why I created a trailer for this module and what students thought about it

Course Websites

Click here to learn about why I use course websites (instead of a learning management system like BlackBoard)

 New Course Proposals

Professional Work

  • Division of Student Affairs Staff Training Program Annual Report (2014),  CSU Channel Islands

Download (PDF, 5.69MB)

  • Leadership CI Overview (2010), Student Leadership Programs, CSU Channel Islands

Download (PDF, 524KB)

  • Back to Basics Leadership Retreat Evaluation Summary, Student Leadership Programs, CSU Channel Islands

Download (PDF, 393KB)

  • Biennial Student Activities Program Evaluation (2009), Submitted to CSU Chancellor, Island View Orientation, CSU Channel Islands

Download (PDF, 400KB)

  • Island View Orientation Sustainability Poster (2009) for President’s Celebration of Excellence, CSU Channel Islands

Download (PDF, 426KB)

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