Words of Appreciation from Former Supervisors, Colleagues, Employees, and Students

Dr. Melora Sundt, Clinical Professor of Education & Vice Dean of Academic Programs, USC Former Course Supervisor, USC

Dr. Tracy Tambascia, Professor of Clinical Education, USC Former Colleague & Co-Lead of Thematic Dissertation Group, USC

Dr. Helena Seli, Associate Professor of Clinical Education & Faculty Director of Program Development, USC Mentor/colleague

Rasheeda Bradley, Graduate Student, University of Southern California (USC), Former Student, USC

Dr. Wm. Gregory Sawyer, Vice President for Student Affairs, CSU Channel Islands, Current mentor, former supervisor/Vice President

Dr. Kaia Tollefson, Professor of Education, CSU Channel Islands Colleague, former supervisor of research grant

Dr. Damien Pena, Vice President for Student Affairs, Ventura College Current mentor, former supervisor/dean of students at CSU Channel Islands

Mr. Joshua Wade, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation – Outdoor Adventures and Waterfront CSU Channel Islands, Former employee

Dr. Richard R. Rush, Retired President, CSU Channel Islands

Rebecca Torres, Dental Hygienist, Former student/employee at CSU Channel Islands

Eva Klein, Teacher, Antelope Valley School District, Former student/employee at CSU Channel Islands

Dr. Tom Studdert, Vice President for Learning and Development, Discoverorg Colleague, former supervisor of Homecoming at Arizona State University

Dr. Anneka Busse, Crisis Therapist/Care Manager, Claremont College, Former student/employee at CSU Channel Islands

Dr. George Morten, Retired Associate Vice President for Student Affairs at CSU Channel Islands, Mentor

Julie Smith, Police Officer, Phoenix, Arizona, Former student/employee at Arizona State University

Jennifer Hiatt, Search Associate, Spelman and Johnson, Mentor, former supervisor at Arizona State University

Lisa Diekow Associate Director of Housing for Student & Staff Retention, University of Florida, Former supervisor during ACUHO-I internship

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