Listen “winners”…. it’s not about politics

Sharing my recent Facebook post here.  I plan to follow up with ideas of how to move forward.

Let me just say this. I actually DON’T LIKE POLITICS and have never really cared much about the resultQuote. "This is not about politics. This election became about FREEDOM, INCLUSIVENESS and SAFETY." of an election. I can’t vote and was never bothered enough about voting to pursue citizenship (I know.. that sounds bad). The reason why I care THIS time is because I didn’t/don’t see this as politics or “one side being better than the other.” THIS NOT ABOUT POLITICS. This election became about FREEDOM, INCLUSIVENESS and SAFETY. Because of the words Trump used and the way he has treated people in the past – he modeled the way for spewing hatred.

STOP saying people are pouting because the other side won or that they just need to learn to see common ground. It is not about being a Republican or Democrat. It is about people having to send their kids to school in fear that they will be ridiculed and worse, that they are not safe. It’s people wondering if their families might be broken up. It’s not RED or BLUE. It’s their LIVES and SAFETY.

People are SAD because they no longer feel welcome in their own country and they are AFRAID that their rights will be taken away or family will be broken up, and for goodness sakes, they’re afraid for their (and their kids’) safety. Wouldn’t that suck if it were you???

Before you start criticizing people for being poor losers take a minute to think about how they might be feeling AND educate yourself on how the system of oppression works in this country. That is if you care  about the people around you.


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