Fixing the leak: my why

I teach to help fix or prevent leaks in the educational pipeline; to make sure students do not feel lost and disconnected; to make sure they know at least one person who cares about and believes in them as others did for me. I teach to find innovative ways to solve complex problems.  I teach to fill…

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It’s tough when you’re helping to create knowledge and not just consume it.

Dear Student: Yes, I’m making you use technology more than you’ve had to before and it is pushing you out of your comfort zone. Yes, I could have you just submit your papers in hard copy or email them to me and not use all “of these digital tools.” And, that group project I’m making…

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Hack? Make? Connected? Open? Walls? What the HECK is that? Now I see the light.

This summer I had the opportunity to attend the DML Workshop at UC Irvine which had the primary goal of creating a course about connected open courses.  If you’re lost because you’ve not really heard of this idea before, here’s a secret (which I eventually outed at the workshop)… I was too!  I sat there for the…

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