Challenges of open classes…

What challengeĀ is the most concerning to you? What others do you foresee?


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  1. does requiring students to publically blog violate FERPA?

    • I don’t think so. Students choose what they’re going to make public with these blogs, as opposed to the institution.

  2. Does your accrediting agency approve of this method of delivery?

  3. What to do with drop-in visitors. Possibly find a way to “badge” students in the classroom to distinguish them in discussions.

  4. The unknown and unexpected hiccups.

  5. As a CIO, I’m very supportive of faculty using whatever tools best meet their needs. I am concerned about growing expectations that my staff help faculty with these tools when there are problems. There are nearly limitless choices faculty can make, but we do not have limitless staff. What expectations are set for how much (if any support) you get from your IT group?

    • We always tell our faculty that we’re there for them as much as we can be, but with this method in particular, we make it known that WordPress is such a vast ecosystem of tools, we shouldn’t necessarily be the first stop for them when they have questions regarding the tools. WordPress’s vast documentation and support community should be explored whenever possible. It’s part of the open course being run on open source that is explicitly noted when embarking on this journey.

  6. I’m concerned that moving outside of the CI Learn template will create an additional burden for students. If every faculty creates their own course and own navigational structure, every course looks different and students have to re-learn how to interact with every individual faculty’s course.

  7. At this point, everything appears to be a challenge to me! I am not only a non-native speaker of English, I now know that I am also a “non-native” of tools and technology …but I am learning šŸ™‚

  8. 1) “Big brother watching” type thing. Also, student concerns with their privacy.

  9. I worry about having too many tools. CI Keys/Wordpress has a lot of potential but still isn’t the perfect fix. So are we just adding one more thing for students to have to navigate?

  10. The time to oversea true engagement (not just tracking did they do something or how many posts did you make) with materials and to manage class collaborations.

  11. Is the University concerned about the lack of institutional template and representation on the open web?

  12. Christy Teranishi Martinez

    The challenge that is most concerning to me is how much time it takes to construct a site. Since my time is limited and I do get sucked in to web surfing and designing, I know it will be time consuming. Nevertheless, the initial time it takes to make a good website will pay off later on down the road, stimulating students’ minds and creativity.

  13. I do have concerns about the radical openness, which challenges the behind-closed-doors sense of privacy we’ve all been coached to accept. However, transparency (smart and safe transparency, at least) is good; knowledge isn’t something to own, but to share. This is good stuff.

  14. I am concerned about privacy issues, particularly student exposure. Interested in password protection because course materials are often an evolution driven by student interests and don’t need immediate public distribution.

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