It’s tough when you’re helping to create knowledge and not just consume it.

Dear Student:

Yes, I’m making you use technology more than you’ve had to before and it is pushing you out of your comfort zone. Yes, I could have you just submit your papers in hard copy or email them to me and not use all “of these digital tools.” And, that group project I’m making you do using the internet might even be much “easier” without using technology at all. No, I don’t have to make you read and comment on the thought’s of your peers.

Yes, you have to go somewhere else to access our course website (other than BlackBoard) – it enables me to leverage technology to do so much more for the learning experience. Yes, it is MUCH more work for me to make your learning experience “different.” Yes, it might even feel like you’re doing more work than you should for a xxx level class or xxx major; it’s tough when you’re helping to create knowledge and not just consume it.

You might be frustrated and might even want to “keep notes on all of this stuff for my evaluation at the end of this semester.” I won’t lose my job because I challenged you; I work at an institution that values innovation and sees the relevance of these skills.  I DO want you to share your thoughts in your evaluation because I value your thoughts and I do try to make adjustments to meet your needs; I value you. And, because I value you, I want to prepare you for the future, a future that will utilize technology that does not yet exist to do things that we can not yet imagine.

Your kids (or future kids,or nieces and nephews) will be using this tough technology “stuff” too, indeed the following is a common core standard that is part of K-12 schoolingCCSS.ELA-LITERACY.CCRA.W.6: Use technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing and to interact and collaborate with others.”

Even if you’re not going to be a teacher in the classroom one Teach_kids_household_financeday, you may have kids, so you’ll need to be able to help and show them.

Get uncomfortable.

Embrace change.

Color outside the lines.

Be frustrated, but try to understand the “why.”

Ask for help when you need it.

Prepare for the future.

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